Monday, September 6, 2010

06 09 2010

A timely image for today, those brave souls who have been following this blog over the past 2 months will have witnessed my re invention as a 'born again' cyclist. This follows my desire to get in some much needed exercise, this followed a worrying trip to the practice nurse at my local surgery back in in March when she warned me about my weight gain!!!! 
I resurrected my old 10 speed, steel framed bicycle from the shed following its 9 or 10 years of rest, purely for the purpose of  getting back out regularly for an hour of exercise on as many occasions as I could manage. The old bike is hard work, as you would expect and although it has seen me well to date I felt it time to get a bit more serious, hence last night I bought the above Carrera Ltd Edition, Subway from Halfords  on the internet at a very reasonable £254....... I will pick it up on Wednesday.
I  began hockey training ( 2 1/2 hours) every Thursday and have bought myself a new hockey stick, at £90 my most expensive ever!! 

I have also tried to improve my diet to include more fruit and fibre over the past 2 months.

These efforts appear timely as I was called to my doctor today in order to discuss the results of my tests back in March, chief amongst these was a big jump in my bad cholesterol count. This caused by lack of exercise and poor dietary choices since my previous tests back in 2006..... this coincides pretty well with my change from teaching to an office job and a reduction in my hockey commitments. 
I will now have to have a re test in two months time, when my hope is that the measures that I have put in place will show some improvements........ I do not wish to have to begin taking Statins!!!

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  1. This is what happens when men reach 50, I tried the diet change and it had no effect what so ever, I agree that exercise will help weight loss combined with a reduced food intake to take into account the lover levers needed as we grow less active and older. I love food have also failed on this point too, I therefore take statins and low blood pressure tablets, both have had the desired effect, giving my wife hope that I will be around to share her retirement.