Monday, August 9, 2010

09 08 2010

What a long day at the keyboard....... the modern day coalface!!!! Having spent all day in work rewriting and developing one Moodle course for online workshop developers..... yes a whole day on one site, my eyes were just about popping as I left at 4.10pm
At least I had the energy for a 5 mile cycle ride on my return home...... completed just before the heavens opened!
From around 7pm to now...... 10.05pm ( update 10.15!!!) according to my little on-screen clock I have been working on a Prezi presentation  that I am giving to IB staff on Thursday 12th August ( in the morning between 10.00 and 11.30 am UK time) as part of the follow up to the Peterson Symposium.... the title rather predictably 'Twitter..... what is all the fuss about?' you can see a screenshot of a tantalising part of the Prezi above.... it will be posted in full following the presentation on Thursday.
I would dearly like to spread the word to the educational Twitter-world (IB teachers and others are most welcome) to join in and tell what will be a room of IB academic staff many new to Twitter of the many and varied uses of Twitter in an educational setting. We will be using the hashtag #ibtweetup for the presentation and I plan to use Twitterfall to aggregate the tweets that come in and use this as part of my presentation...... and now....... bedtime!

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