Saturday, August 14, 2010

14 08 2010

It would appear that my recent return to the bicycle as a means of getting fit is not unusual........I would appear to have become a Mamil!!!!!!!! ( Middle aged man in lycra)
I apologise to anyone of a nervous disposition or with certain moral standards for the sight of a grown man in lycra...... who should know better! I also apologise for the legs, they don't get out much!
I  must say that I have taken to my return to two wheels with a degree of enthusiasm that even I have found surprising. My motive is twofold, my increasingly sedentary day job and lifestyle has caused an inevitable weight gain...... and the growth of a tummy! My grandson commented about it recently and this made me see that it really has to GO! My secondary motive is that I am making a concerted effort to return to my hockey playing next season for Abergavenny HC and to do this the way I want to I will need to be competitive. 
Let's here it for the Mamil's !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Mamil- you make me laugh. Did you think of that yourself?