Saturday, October 30, 2010

29 10 2010

Today's image is of the last remains of a very drinkable 2005 Rioja which I picked up this week. It is the end of a whirlwind week, which began with a trip to Den Haag from which we returned on Tuesday, encompassed my final decision on our departmental relocation to The Netherlands in 2011, and will end with a 120 mile round trip tomorrow to play hockey in Haverfordwest ( West Wales)
I found out today that I will be in situ in our temporary office in Parkstraat, Den Haag by January 14th!!!! Time to brush up my Dutch.

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It is a time of very mixed emotions, as those who know me would I am sure state that I am very much a 'local boy' having returned home to bring up our family in the 1980's and now with grandchildren living locally ( I have still not told them about my move!!!!).... also being steeped in local history.
However for my career I firmly believe that it is the wisest choice to go with the flow and move on,  I feel that I have unfinished business to complete.
Also the thought of looking for employment in the current climate was quite a daunting prospect.
It will also give me added impetus to develop an online diary of my life as an expat in 2011....... watch this space.

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