Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 03 2010

Today @jamesfk and myself journeyed north to Treforest in order to attend a University of Glamorgan CELT Seminar presented by Frederica Oradini from the University of Westminster.
The title of the Frederica's seminar was the use of 'e-portfolio's for PDP '(Personal Development Planning) - Westminster have piloted the use of e-portfolio's with students across a range of courses in order to enable the students to organise their personal and academic achievements which they can then use as in their search for a career.

The seminar was introduced as ever by Haydn Blackey, who is always an excellent host and has ensured that the university continues to offer a range of presentations which appeal to those outside the institution as well as those inside. Our attendance was linked to our research into the use of e-portfolios for IB teachers making use of our online PD workshops.

One additional piece of news which we unaware is that the University of Glamorgan has become the first University in Wales to have an iTunes U space. Please do check it our I feel sure that they would be very pleased to receive feedback from teachers and academics.

Following this high academic discussion on the way back to the office JFK and myself felt the need to visit another excellent institution which was of course on our route back to the office for a glass of the excellent TRING - DUCKETTS DELIGHT - 4.2% and COLLEY'S DOG - 5.2%
Ladies and gentleman I offer you Fagins Ale and Chop House, Taffs Well

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