Wednesday, April 14, 2010

14 04 2010

At last my mystery object has arrived and of course it is an....... Amazon Kindle2 e-reader!!!!! Sorry for those who believed it to be something akin to an iPad ( I would have to win one rather than buy one!!!
Below is the unboxing of the Kindle2 received today from Simply Electronics and delivered rather fantastically by DPD who lived up marvellously to their next day delivery - tracking the order was very easy on their website where I could see that it had arrived at Newbury last night, at 9am this morning I could track its journey to Cardiff at 3.30am and onto a delivery van for delivery between 13.48 and 14.48..... it arrived at 13.46 Well done DPD impressive. I would certainly recommend them on the evidence of this service.
Now to unboxing the device... firstly remove outer packaging:

This reveals the inner box:
Including the rather marvellous opening strip:
Inside is the simple but classy machine itself:
Mmmm sleek and stylish:
Hidden below is the instruction manual and power cable:
The Kindle2 started quite quickly:
Revealing the start up instructions inside:
It was simple to join the Kindle Store at Amazon and then purchase my first two books:
The No.1 Ladies' detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith and Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett...... now to some reading.


  1. Why didn't you go with an iPad- what is the price difference.

  2. I am not a fan of the iPad and do not really want one. I do believe that it is a gadget looking for a niche! I can be reminded of this should the iPad become a game changer!