Tuesday, April 27, 2010

27 04 2010

I very rarely re write blog posts or add sections, however today I will. This item replaces the previous post.

I was invited a few weeks ago to attend Abergavenny Hockey Club's Junior Awards evening this evening. I was delighted to accept the invitation as it was about 11 years ago, following a brief apprenticeship with our former Club Chair Jenny Stokes that my colleague Pat Harrison and I began the coaching of Junior players at the club - many of these early children are now in their 20's. We continued to be involved with Junior Hockey together until 2008 when we believed that it was time for others to carry on this essential activity for a small club.

Tonight I was astounded by the amazing numbers of young hockey players and their parents in attendance at the Awards ceremony, it is difficult to grasp that something which begins so small ( with around 8 players I think initially!) can go on to develop into an professional coaching organisation - I was truly amazed and impressed with the commitment of all concerned.

I was doubly amazed as Pat and myself were awarded 'Life Membership' of Abergavenny Hockey Club by President Trevor Scott for services to Junior Hockey. For a kid who began playing hockey when encouraged by an English master at the age of 14 and finds that some 39 amazing years later he still turns out occasionally for a game of hockey, it is truly humbling to be given such an honour.

I must say a very big thank you to the Chairman and committee for considering me for this wonderful honour. I am unfortunately not going to be able to attend the club AGM on Friday of this week to thank the committee in person.

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