Friday, April 16, 2010

16 04 2010

Those readers with long memories may remember my first Asus netbook - the 7inch screen 4G device. Bought long ago in March 2008 it was mine for a short time prior to it becoming the every day laptop for Laura during her AS and A level education. Time has moved on and Laura is preparing to leave in early June for the USA and then to Liverpool to University...... she now has a shiny new full size laptop that she has bought herself.

Surprise, surprise the Asus 4G has returned, and is being used to write this blog post ( I am getting used to the slightly cramped Asus keyboard once again, but not for long.
If you look above you will see that the Asus is running the stunning latest Ubuntu for netbooks which is very impressive in allowing simple programme upload and removal ( well done, its great to see a Linux distro not requiring too much sudo_terminal work). Look more closely and you will see that the screen above has some tell tale educational programmes loaded, the Asus is off to a new owner as it is going to be my granddaughter Abi's first proper laptop ( not bad for a four year old!)-I hope that Jaycob will also be allowed to use it! I only now await the return of the Asus 901from London.
Thanks to James FK for the Ubuntu install :-)

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