Saturday, July 24, 2010

24 07 2010

Following my new regime of taking more exercise today was the turn of my bicycle to emerge from a shed after several years of neglect.
I have put off bringing the bike blinking into the light because I knew that it was going to require some work, including two new inner tubes and tyres in addition to the general lubricating and cleaning. Today I grasped the task picked up the required apparatus and spent four hours preparing for the inaugural run out to shake down the bikes gears and brakes.
It was well worth it as I was able to get out on the road ( with my cycle helmet of course) at around 4pm for an hour trip.
Which included a four/five mile run along the local canal tow-path which is of course delightfully flat.
Unfortunately as we above the canal pretty well all journeys require an uphill stretch home - however my gears worked perfectly enabling me to make steady progress home for some rest and recuperation!!
Mmmm!!!, I am not sure if this will have helped to keep the weight off.......... I did only have one bottle!

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  1. The wedge of lemon in the Carona will give you the fruit requirement for the day!