Friday, July 30, 2010

30 07 2010

I took advantage  of an early Friday finish in work to get home and straight out into the countryside for a good walk in the improving weather (no rain!). My walk was from my home west to pick up the westerly end of Church Road, I then followed around to St Elli's church itself. As you can see from the shot above the view opens up to show a brilliant panorama with Gilwern in the foreground and Abergavenny away in the background between the Deri mountain on the left and the Little Skirrid in the middle leading to the Blorenge just out of view on the right.

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One gem on my walk was the secret Victorian churchyard, not quite on a par with Highgate but still full of some unusual and striking  gravestones
The cross above and inscription below is interesting as this is the memorial for Alfred Crawshay who was a son of William Crawshay II the 'Iron King' the owner of the great iron works in Merthyr the home of  the Industrial  Revolution in who built Cyfarthfa Castle
Another fascinating memorial is that below - where Lt Colonel Robert Preston Sandeman's dog watches over him in sleep. Lt Colonel Sandeman was nephew of William Crawshay, his mother was Amelia Crawshay..... he married a Crawshay (Jessie) - they say keep it in the family!
There were also a number of gravestones in Welsh from around the 1850's the one below is for Mary (Gwraig) wife of Thomas Williams who died aged 65 on 21st (Gorffenaf) July 1854 (156 years ago!)

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