Monday, July 26, 2010

26 07 2010

The loneliness of the long distance walker,
 This evening after work and the long drive home, I decided to get out and enjoy a good walk around the village for an hour. I was out from around 6.30pm when it would appear that most people were either at home or on holiday, I believe that I only met around a dozen people during my walk. I have found that this time alone is great for thinking.... I am not sure what about, however think I do.
A vexing question at present  which I am able to mull over during these quiet moments is the decision whether to follow my job to The Hague in January of next year. I am currently torn between the desire to follow through what I have started to its conclusion, while on the other for those who have been following this blog I quite like the area in which I live and of course the proximity of my grandchildren. I fully realise that The Hague is not far away and returns could be handled on a better than once a year basis with careful handling, which could give me so much more, including the experience of living and working  in a different country for a while. The eventual exit strategy there is not clear as I have around 13 years still to work prior to retirement, I am not sure that I could carry on for that, while constantly becoming more difficult to employ at home!!!! I must admit that the desire to work on new exciting web2.0 projects with kids is quite a draw, if only there were the option to do this on a consultancy basis........ Arghhh teaching again!!!!!I have around two months in which to decide my future.

You see dear reader why  I require more walks in order to synthesise my thoughts.

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  1. Big decisions to be made- with benefits from both.

    I, like you, would loathe leaving my ancestral home but sometimes needs must.

    Hope you come to a decision that works for you and your family.

    I few years ago you wouldn't have had an option!