Sunday, November 7, 2010

07 11 2010

Sport is good for you? Discuss. I will know once I have visited the fracture clinic next week following my bad landing at the end of our match against Bridgend yesterday. My hope is that there will be no need for a plaster cast ahead of my trip to the US next week!!

Location : Abergavenny, Gwent NP7 0ES,
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  1. You're away again. You've only just unpacked your bags from your last trip. Where this time?

  2. Off to Phoenix AZ on Saturday for Virtual High School Symposium, co presenting on Monday. Deb and I are taking a few additional days to go up to the Grand Canyon and across to Las Vegas...... my final trip of the year is back to The Hague 1st-3rd for house hunting trip ahead of move in January.... :-)