Saturday, November 20, 2010

18 11 2010

We had been advised not to miss Sedona while in Arizona, and from this image taken on the way down to the town it is easy to see why. At the visitor centre we spoke to a local who said that God designed the Grand Canyon but he lives in Sedona! you can certainly see the truth in these words.
At the Canyon you look down at the amazing rock strata whilst in Sedona you drop the 3000ft to actually be in amongst them.
Even the most casual image of the main street in Uptown Sedona is breathtaking as is the panoramic view from the municipal airport which is not to be missed.
This is all topped off by the unmissable Chapel of the Holy Cross which emerges majestically from the rocks that surround it.
Visitors simply must not miss this architectural masterpiece
As if this day were not enough we head to Las Vegas via the Hoover Dam tomorrow


  1. Love the idea of the church among the rocks. Must be quite godly to have a service there. The whole place looks awfully dry and hot as well.


  2. It is a fabulous place to live, full of artistic types who escaped from LA and SF