Sunday, November 21, 2010

20 11 2010

Another day another dollar as they would say in Vegas! We headed towards The Stratosphere at the northern fringe of the strip, you certainly can't miss it!
The panoramic view from the viewing platforms is also stunning.....
For some the views alone are not enough, there are three rides up there including the shoot up the topmost mast, and for those brave enough you can take the jump (part freefall ) from the viewing gallery..... not for us!!
Other sites of the day was the 50's diner at The Stratosphere, where we had lunch,
To the amazing Venetian and Caesar's Palace Hotels
 Which both can only be described as grand...
...... and finally you can't come to Las Vegas without having a flutter... being from a long line of miserly welsh people I placed a $5 bet which I retrieved and cashed in even with the house, this was followed by two $1 bets the result of which you can see in my souvenir cashout vouchers... the house takes 15 cents ( plus the rest as I am keeping the vouchers!)
Tomorrow is our return day and as a result it is unlikely that there will be a post until Monday evening at the earliest when we will be back in cold wintery Wales!

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  1. Good to know you're not squandering your kids inheritance.

    Have a safe trip home.