Sunday, May 2, 2010

02 05 2010

For some time now I have been planning a complete re installation of XP onto my Dell Inspiron1300. I decided to bite the bullet as it is a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK and began by copying over all of my files including my iTunes library onto a 465GB external Maxtor drive. The whole thing went smoothly with the major exception that once installed the new version did not see the onboard mini wi-fi card!!!!

It was fortunate that when I checked on Dell's site for upgrades/updates and drivers that have been identifies for the laptop that new drivers for the card was there amongst others.
Laura offered me the use of one of her Norton360 licences which I have added and now just need to get some of my favourite software back onboard and we are sorted and cleaned..... with a faster machine. This particular Dell has impressed me over the four or so years that I have owned it, it is pretty bombproof - well done Dell

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