Tuesday, May 25, 2010

25 05 2010 Relocation, relocation, relocation!!!

The image for today's blog post is again borrowed and is an image of Den Haag (The Hague, Netherlands). The reasoning for this is that today with a number of colleagues I attended the latest in a series of 'relocation seminars' as we look ahead to our jobs being relocated to The Netherlands in early 2011.
I have refrained from thinking about the move for some months now, as it can be quite disheartening  to consider the possibility of moving country in order to retain ones current role. However in July my department will receive our relocation letters which will mark the start of the six month process to our move.
Undoubtedly my employers have given a great deal of thought when putting together a relocation package which will certainly encourage their employees to contemplate the move - a combination of tax breaks (30% tax free income), relocation payments, the covering of housing fees for two years, paid commuting ( which would personally save me £170 a month plus the cost of running a car) and the retention of some current terms and conditions for existing employees, are certainly enough to make us all think long and hard about relocating.
Issues  for me are as they will be for all 160 individuals in Cardiff many fold. My age currently when it comes to looking form employment in the UK could be a disadvantage - this has been exacerbated by the new UK Governments cut backs in public sector employment.....( and the closure of an organisation such as Becta!)..... however what will the difference be in 3-5 years time if I move and then return to the UK ( 56-58 mmmm !) As far as home circumstances we have the benefit of the fact that our last daughter will leave home for University very shortly..... however we have grandchildren ( 3 and 4) and the thought of living in another country and not being able to visit regularly is quite a thought for this grandfather.... would Skype fill the gap????
Added to this is the fact that Debbie is unlikely to move because of her job and would need to live in the house here.

Oh there is so much to consider..... this would be easier if it wasn't also the fact that I am really enjoying the challenge of developing a range of online PD offerings for teachers, it is going to grow hugely and I want to grow with it!!!

I still have no idea what my final decision will be..... at present it is 60:40 in favour of moving. This story will come back as the year progresses as by the time we get to December my choice will be made.


  1. Not an easy decision at all. Good luck with whatever you decide :0)

  2. I bet going back to teaching is not on the horizon- she says laughing uncontrollably.

    Scary stuff- I know that for me the prospect of leaving home would not be one that I could take likely.

    I have been in Nelson and this house pretty much all my life and a good part of my family's life as well.

    There are connections to the land that I would find it hard to break.

    I have a couple of friends who couldn't find ICT type jobs here and ended up in United Arab Emirates and Dubai. There's the language and culture aspects for them to think about as well. They ARE earning heaps of dosh though.

    Then there's the prospect of 'What next?" As you say we are far too young to give up work all together which may be the result at the end or when you want to come home should it not pan out.

    But then the move from teaching was not one taken lightly but that worked out well.

    Decisions, decisions, decisions.

  3. Dave and Allanah - thank you for your thoughts, it is one of those decisions that come along somewhere in ones career, I believe currently that it should be grasped as you never know what is around the next corner.
    I would hate to get to the point of regretting not having made the right decision..... how often does one get the opportunity to try out a new country with the backing of your employer? All of these things are easier to say than to do especially when I look into the eyes of my grandchildren!!!!!