Friday, May 21, 2010

21 05 2010

Wow!....... Whisper......... we appear to have entered a new season, I hesitate to mention the fact, however it was very warm (25deg C) around Cardiff today with clear skies and outdoor lunches being tried by many. I have to say dear reader that the scrumptious looking desert below served at The Unicorn Inn this lunchtime was not mine!
I felt that a desert such as this may have pushed me over the edge, I would have found it very difficult to return to work after tackling such a thing. The almost empty pint glass in the left foreground was mine :-) and a very nice pint of Abbot Ale it was as well! A pleasant Friday Pub Lunch was had by the four members of the Cardiff based IB online professional development team today......... this a is departmental group who know how to enjoy the good things in life and very much embody, work hard, play hard!

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  1. With the new ICTPD cluster about to have a kick off this Friday we are going to take just the lead teachers out for a decent feed at a proper restaurant- what a great way to win over hearts and minds.

    I don't know what work we'll get done after that though.