Sunday, May 30, 2010

30 05 2010

Today and tomorrow one of the year's high profile events for Abergavenny is happening. The annual Steam Veteran and Vintage Rally. The event held in Bailey park has been taking place for many years. Below are some of the sights seen today on and around the show-field. I was hoping to input some sound files taken from the voice recorder on my Blackberry.....unfortunately my laptop appears to be unable to deal with .amr files! ( I am currently downloading a converter and as a result sounds from today may appear later or tomorrow)
Above and below are some of the fine examples of working scale models of fairground engines.
While below is one of the real iron and steam monsters that were on show today. The one below was running the dynamo for a show organ which was being used by a dancing troupe to entertain the crowds. You can hear a rather poorly recorded audio of the organ in action here.
Many of the engines were until around the 1930's the main workhorses of the countryside, having indeed taken over from the horse in many cases, they were to be superseded themselves by the internal combustion engine. Those with sharp eyesight may well recognise the driver ( in the green top) of the working engine below! That's enough to make anyone whistle!

Well just look at who was seen walking away after taking the steam giant for a spin around the field.........
Of course it was Debbie..... well driven Mrs Harrington!
It was just the large engines that were on show, many great cars show up for the event. The cars vary from Veteran and Vintage to novelties such as the DeLorean DMC-12 
Along with a traditional Punch and Judy Show with daily shows many of us must remember Mr Punch?

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