Monday, February 8, 2010

08 02 2010

A little trumpet blowing as I announce a new blog that was started very late last night 'I want one.......!' it has grown from my obsession lately with beautiful horological gadgets - the first post is of the rather beautiful concept PhilcoPC yes a computer which I hope will eventually become a product.
My plan is post at least weekly on design or objects of desire they will be everything from cars to household objects and watches to toys with the only criterion that they are truly objects of desire.


  1. You little blogaholic you and you thought you couldn't do a pikky a day huh?

  2. Mmmm it would appear I have the capacity to write something on a regular basis, I am not sure at all of the quality!!!!
    Thanks for the link in Melbourne by the way, it sounds as if the lady from London is going to have a great time meeting with 'techies' when she comes over next month.