Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today's image doesn't sadly the full effect of this evenings sunset picture taken with my HTC G phone and trimmed using IrfanView a program that I really rate as a quick and easy image editor. The photograph was taken looking toward the western sky here:

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The large white building is the ASDA ( Wall-mart) store in Brynmawr which was built on the site of the former Dunlop Semtex Plant which was sadly demolished in 2001. The original factory was a masterpiece of the use of reinforced concrete when completed in 1953 and became the first ever listed building following the second world war - it was said to have inspired the architects of the Sydney Opera House...... however it eventually became an eyesore, now the only remaining part of the factory is the Boiler-house. There was a project around 15 years ago to convert this building into an arts centre using Lottery funding, I do hope that something is done to make use of this building before it follows the rest of the factory!

Image: peter.brabham (taffytank)

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