Thursday, February 25, 2010

25 02 2010

Thanks to everyone for their good-wishes and kind thoughts..... our prayers have been answered and as you can see from today's image, Jaycob Isaac was very keen to leave hospital today.
In fact he was dressed ready and waiting at the door to the Children's Ward at Nevill Hall Hospital for some fifteen minutes before his release letter was printed!
The news at 11.00am from the Paediatric Consultant Dr Maguire confirmed what we had hoped for over the past 6 days, that the infection that Jaycob suffered was from Chicken Pox, not the much more difficult to treat, Herpes Simplex.
He will have to return for visual, auditory and motor skills tests next week to ascertain if there will be any lasting effects which may require further monitoring, but for now we are just glad to have Jaycob back with us...... I think that he is quite relieved also, and even though he got on well with the fabulous staff on the ward he was only to pleased to press the button for the lift at 3pm today as he headed for home.

Thank you again from us all for your good-wishes.

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  1. Excellent news. Hope you have a safe and worry free weekend.