Wednesday, February 24, 2010

24 02 2010

Jaycob and his much loved 'Ben10' bike over the Christmas break.

I have to report that there is a further improvement in Jaycob today, even though a firm diagnosis of encephalitis caused by the chicken pox virus is not confirmed it seems the more likely as he improves slowly each day in response to the anti-viral medication. If he maintains the current rate of progress he may well be able to come home over the weekend ahead.
We are all of course encouraging him in his progress as he becomes more 'himself', beginning again to be more interested in the world around him and of course how to take things apart..... a sure sign of progress.
In addition to many messages of support from friends both near and far, we must pay tribute to all of the staff and doctors on the 'Children's Ward at Nevill Hall Hospital who strive to ensure that their charges ( and parents!!) are looked after in as normal as possible manner in trying circumstances. Their constantly upbeat concern and encouragement I am sure is at worth at least 50% in the progress made by patients and families - Thank You

The 'boyo' is nearly back with us.

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  1. I think nurses, like teachers, do some wonderful things in sometimes 'trying' circumstances.