Sunday, February 28, 2010

28 02 2010 (59/365)

Perhaps now at the end of month two of the 12 month challenge and 59 days into the 365 it would be a good point to reflect on what has happened to date. I am sure that others will have faced difficulties both personal and professional over the past two months, we wouldn't be human if this wasn't the case. I have added a photograph taken this afternoon of Jaycob giving his mum flowers as a 'thank you' for all that she has done for him over his recent difficulties, I just love the look on his face..... it is priceless.
I also want to add here the a little praise of my own, Emily, who did bring some things on herself in becoming pregnant at such a young age putting us her parents through a very difficult time as she appeared to be determined to do things her way ( understatement!).
Teenage mums have a very bad press which is to a large extent quite unfair. Now as a single mum at 21 with a 3 and 4 year old we couldn't really be prouder of the way that Emily has taken on the responsibilities of parenthood - it would actually put to shame many two parent households. We do despair that the system in the UK does still not make things easy for single parents who want to break back into the employment market! ( this is not perhaps the time or place to air this?)
Emily of course knows that that there are always family members ( 3 generations ) near at hand to help out..... but everyone does this willingly as they respect the good job that this single mum is doing in running her household and bringing up her children...... single mums deserve much more of a better press and will always get it from this blogger.

Below is the Ddraig-Goch365 photoset to date:
Ddraig Goch 365

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  1. I just put up my first two months worth as well. Quite an achievement for me really as I often start with a his and a roar and peter out.

    Two months worth

    Well done you.