Saturday, June 5, 2010

05 06 2010 156/365

Emily the children and I decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Cardiff by train today...... mmm looking at the image above and there should by a red coloured warning sign which of course we had no notion. Today at 2.30 pm Wales played a friendly match against South Africa at  The Millennium Stadium.  On these occasions 73,000 supporters make their way to Cardiff...... many by train!
Therefore there was only standing/perching room mid carriage all the way to Cardiff ( one kind person did give up their seat for a mum and child... a thank you to that person). In fact at Cwmbran there was no room for any passengers on the platform to get onto the train ( a two carriage train!) - There was a heavy police presence in Cardiff as today there was also a march and counter march by the Welsh Defence League and anti-fascist groups, in addition The Stereophonics are due to play in Cardiff this evening.... the city was alive with people( in red and green!), police ( both on foot and mounted) and their helicopters.
Once the journey had been achieved we actually had an excellent and relaxing wander around Cardiff with my small digital natives visiting the Apple Store and playing with the iPad.... which they loved especially the labyrinth game using the tilt screen functionality....
... and the excellent keyboard!
We travelled back on an early train, had four seats around a table..... luxury!


  1. So- are you telling me that there is an Apple Store in Cardiff and you never took me there- shame on you. And I still haven't even laid eyes on an iPad face to face yet!

  2. The Apple store ( opened in Cardiff when the new St David's II shopping Mall opened in October 2009.... honestly