Sunday, June 6, 2010

06 06 2010

Debbie has gone away for the week and with Laura away in the US.......... my task........ to finally paint the kitchen that we had fitted two years ago! I know, I know it has taken rather a long time to get around to this job....... we even costed the work with local tradesmen who wanted around £400 for the job. I do begrudge paying this for work that I can and should do myself, hence a boot ( trunk) full of around £50 worth material to begin the job.
Later in the day I took Emily and the grandchildren to a local pool for a swim, but did manage to get back and prime much of the woodwork prior to some gloss work later tomorrow. Time for something to drink and an early night  before tomorrows work.

More updates to come as the week wears on!

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