Monday, June 14, 2010

14 06 2010

Apologies for the rather grainy image from my camera phone taken through a window, but I did not want to disturb our visitor, a good sized rabbit which was foraging in the garden this evening. It wasn't the first time it had appeared today, at 7am I looked out before heading for work and saw possibly the same rabbit and a squirrel in the garden.
This would possibly explain the mystery holes which have appeared in our garden recently, we also appear to have the local mole population moving in and burrowing across our in the countryside I guess?


  1. No cross-hares then?? No I suppose you can't cos you're in a built up area!

    Rabbit pie!

  2. Oh noooooo, no rabbit pie! Rabbits are beautiful and friendly and make lovely pets. This may be a long lost relative of my Jessica. Thank you Paul for only shooting with your camera LOL.