Sunday, June 13, 2010

13 06 2010

I had a great motor sport orientated day today - it actually began prior to midnight on until around 2.30am once I had found video and audio channels from the Le Mans 24 hour race which began at 2.00pm UK time yesterday. For a race of attrition/endurance it was pretty exciting with incidents and problems for a variety of  cars well into the night. When I finally went to bed there were two Peugeot's in front followed by two Audi's with the Peugeot of UK driver Anthony Davidson pushing for the Audi's in fifth place.
I caught up with the race again at around 10am this morning at which point I had not missed by long the demise of the leading Peugeot's with blown engines, by then Audi's filled the top three places with the Davidson car still pushing........ alas too hard and they also suffered an engine blow out. By 2.00pm Sunday Audi had 1,2 and 3 - as an Audi driver I guess I should be pleased ( they are Diesel cars as well!) however I was quite looking for a more exciting race.
Following some shopping and grass cutting it was time for the Canadian F1 Grand Prix from Montreal. This did turn into an exciting dice between the teams and drivers.... however there was no safety car which was a huge surprise to all concerned due to the tight barriers around the circuit. The race ended with a 1,2 for Maclaren ( powered by Mercedes!) with their two UK drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.
Wow what a motor sport packed day..... now it is time for Germany v Australia ( with the Germans already 1-0 after 8 minutes)...... time to go to the TV now,  cheering of course for the antipodeans!

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