Sunday, June 20, 2010

20 06 2010

Today has been Father's Day in the UK as it is in 55 other countries. I was very pleased to receive my card -
from Emily and the grandchildren -
The decision was taken that we should spend the afternoon down in Cardiff Bay. Cardiff has re-developed its once derelict Docks area into an excellent place for al fresco living. With its range of eating places and small boutique style shops plus iconic buildings it is an excellent addition to the city. It also continues the multi cultural feel that would have been prevalent with all of the nationalities that would have inhabited the area at the time of the heyday of the docks between about 1840-1880, this is evoked by many of the sculptures that populate the bay ( see below)-
We spent a happy few hours just taking in the sights and sounds of the area and even managed to fit in a waterbus ride around the bay area.
This included views of the Norwegian Church ( see below) where Roald Dahl was baptised ( it has been moved across the bay from its original position), to the iconic Cardiff Bay Barrage along with other great sites
A very enjoyable Father's Day, including time to get back and wish the same to my Dad before we got home.... I also found out how well New Zealand had done in the World Cup against the giants of Italy - Well Done Kiwi's :-)


  1. And did you hear how WONDERFULLY well in the World Cup as well- we were ranked way down the bottom but we are giving our all- it seems like the whole country stayed up last night to watch- and the game didn't start til 2am.

  2. Absolutely I did what a great performance go Kiwi's go!