Thursday, June 17, 2010

17 06 2010

Another day and the chance to support different national team at the FIFA World Cup. This evening's game in Polokwane South Africa, is between France and Mexico...... I will support?????
Why Mexico of course..... this is probably the 'kiss of death' to Mexico as every other team I have cheered have gone on to be defeated recently..... come on Mexico!!!
Viva Mexico!
This is the advantage ( if this is the correct term!) of having my own dear Wales having failed to qualify...... their last qualification was in 1958 World Cup which took place in Sweden, when I was..... 1 year old!! Surely our time will come again?
Mexico 2  - France 0
Wow!!!! Well done Mexico!

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  1. Our time has come- we are so proud of our boys- we last qualified 28 years ago and we just got our first ever FIFA point against Slovakia. Our next is against Italy. Our boys will give their all as the hope and dreams of a nation are on their backs.