Sunday, January 3, 2010

03 01 2010

Here we are three days into the 365 challenge and apparently I am still in the game!!! Today's flickr 365 shot is proof if any were needed that we have an Australian in the house, I am assured that both are pretty standard fare in the antipodes?
As I posted yesterday we had no room left at the 'inn' last night with the grandchildren et al. We had a fairly uneventful night and were awakened by the familiar patter of two pairs of feet and two additional bodies nudging their way into the bed at 7am ( on a Sunday morning!). We managed to hold out for very nearly an hour before breakfast and 'what to do?' had to be dealt with.
Breakfast over it became a painting/play morning -(apologies for the picture quality)
This was of course followed by the necessary nap at midday ( sadly not for granddad!!!)
The one thing about grandchildren is that they eventually get taken back - this done a 3pm time was then left to prepare for the arrival of two adults 'booked in' for tonight. Friends of Sian and Paddy down from London for a few days in Wales.
Closer to hand now with day four of the challenge tomorrow is the great return to work and the monitoring and preparing for our 2010 online PD programme again following almost two weeks away plus a plethora of 3 day weeks in order to avoid the loss of annual leave prior to the end of the year ( note to self must plan vacations better in 2010!)

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  1. A milo- not so keen on the vegemite though- definitely a Marmite girl.