Thursday, January 28, 2010

28 01 2010

There would/should have been a photograph before this, it would have shown me at 8.15am this morning changing a flat front tyre in the IB car park. I got out of the car to a hissing from the front driver side tyre.... a bit of a tell tale noise when accompanied by a definite sinking feeling.
I set to work with some help from our security guard and his big boots and had the tyre changed by 8.40am!
Following a day dipping in and out of cheap tyre sites looking for a bargain at the end of the day I set off into Cardiff and stopped at the first tyre establishment that I found ( Discount Tyres (Cardiff) Ltd).
I must say that the staff there were pleasant and well informed and provided an excellent service and in good time. I eventually had all 4 tyres changed for safety and security and drove home a very satisfied customer.

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  1. Minus some hard earned cash- at least it wasn't snowing and you actually got to work in one piece.