Saturday, January 2, 2010

02 01 2010

The dawn of another bright sunny and below freezing day in South Wales to my amazement and surprise I have managed to take a photograph for today...... before I get around to scrapping the ice from my car. As our central heating has now shut-down until this evening and as I type my fingers are getting colder!!!!!
Follow up news from yesterday, the washing machine requiring repair ( see above apologies for the washing up - it's not my house!), following much dismantling (some soap!) and some mild bad language it managed to spit out 2 10pence pieces and a 1pence piece. It hopefully will now work for a while before yet another sock or more small change bring on another visit from 'Washing Machine Repair Man'

Further thoughts on the year ahead as we enter a new phase her at the Harrington Hotel here in Gilwern - Sian and boyfriend have moved back in following both handing in their notice at their respective workplaces ahead of their move up to London at the end of January - as yet with no jobs lined up and as yet no postgraduate course on the horizon..... young people! A census taken tonight would reveal a household with 7 inhabitants- Mum, Dad, 2 daughters, 1 boyfriend and 2 grandchildren ( while there mum has a much needed night out with her friends- the first for some 4 weeks!) whereas 2 days ago there were only 3 permanent residents. It is a good job that we haven't downsized quite yet.... and there would be 'no rooms' vacant for any passing deities this evening, we do however have a shed at the bottom of the garden!
Enough already it's only 11.22 and time to go and get my spectacles repaired.... while humming 'I can see clearly now the rain has gone!!!!'.

Update from p.m. 02 01 2010 we took Paddy and Sian up to the Brecon Beacons Mountain Centre at Libanus in the snow.
There are now officially no vacancies as all rooms are full and at 8.30pm the grandchildren drifted off to sleep.

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  1. Love the photo of the hills, where have you taken that photo from? Is is the view from your home?