Thursday, January 7, 2010

07 01 2010

Not my picture however I hope I will be forgiven for borrowing this one much in the news today- photograph courtesy of BBC Five Live Drive programme the NASA image below shows the UK from satellite - we appear to have become Narnia!

Snow across UK 01/07 at 11 :50 UTC
Below is my image of the day taken in the excellent cafe at Cardiff Audi which is just down the road from IB Peterson House on the Cardiff Gate Estate. The stylish coronation chicken wrap and latte that you see below served with a great small salad all for £4.50. If you find yourself heading along the M4 toward Junction 30 please avoid the Motorway Services and head straight on and take the second exit off the second roundabout.... mmmmm every bit as good as it looks and of course freshly made before your very eyes.

Cardiff Audi 01/07 at 12.25 UTC


  1. That's a pretty orsum satellite image. Gives a good idea of the coverage.

  2. So if you live in Narnia now that makes you...? cold?