Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 01 2010

Trolley pushing view Mrs H ahead left with list - I rarely use a list!
This is quite a regular Sunday morning activity for 'Chez Harrington' we were a little apprehensive this morning with more bad weather and 'panic buying' occuring across the UK ahead of 'the possibility' of further heavy snowfall - Why do people panic buy bread, eggs and milk? Does everyone start making omelettes, cakes or bread and butter pudding at time of crisis?
We actually found shopping to be lighter than expected with no clear signs of panic buying, it is also true that the people living around this store in Brynmawr are a good deal hardier than some - we did actually see one gent going into the store wearing a pair of Havaianas without socks - Brrrrrr!!!

Outside of the ASDA ( Walmart UK) store in Brynmawr which is around 1500ft above sea level the current winter is pretty obvious, yes that is a 6ft (2 metre) pile of snow which has been moved to allow parking. This snow has now been in place since December 22nd 2009!


  1. That has always amused me as well. The shops close for two days at Christmas and you would think that the world was about to end- how can one household go through fifteen loaves lof bread in one weekend- it happens here too, even when the sun shines.

  2. Just thinking of you Paul as we have a 43c 109f degree day with total fire ban.makes you glad that they did such a great job at Copenhagen

  3. I am glad to have the warmth coming through from the Southern Hemisphere...... apparently what we are going through presently is just weather patterns changing not climate change?