Saturday, January 16, 2010

16 01 2010

Following the snow eventually comes the thaw - this has been happening since the cold weather abated yesterday. The geography of Abergavenny has the River Usk which collects water from The Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains flowing to the west of the town.
Below is the flow of water coming through the main old bridge out of the town - for us geographers the flood plain is acting as it should, acting as a safety valve for the river by allowing river water to spread out and flow away.
The effect of this is to make for some temporary difficulties such as trying to walk along the path north along the river as you can see!

It also makes for great pictures of fast water flow! Also you can see that with red sandstone making up the majority of the low ground our river flows red when in flood.

The Haitian earthquake is still in our thoughts, for those in the UK below is the link to the UK Disaster Emergency Committee appeal, I would urge everyone to give whatever they can to the appeal.


  1. I never thought of where all that snow would go when it melted. It would make everything turn to slush I should imagine.

  2. There is still some snow around..... even today
    20 01 2010