Monday, January 11, 2010

11 01 2010

I would hate to say it however today's blog post has been the toughest yet..... it has been one of those days plenty to do, however I am keen to avoid more weather related blog posts hence this snap of the packet of Wotsits that I had with a latte for lunch today. Shame I here people say, that is the spelling of course, I personally hate the 'Toys R Us' and 'Wotsits' spellings that occur in advertising, while I agree that my own spelling and grammar is not brilliant I do despair of the this use of language!
Today it appears that many people decided to start work following Christmas and weather breaks - result traffic chaos and gridlock, with only one exit from the industrial estate onto the M4 sadly this was the scene at 5.35pm this afternoon, this was an improvement on 5pm when you would have been hard pressed to get out of our own carp park!

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  1. I had visitors cleaning the guttering for me last night at nine o'clock at night- another variable between the hemispheres.