Saturday, January 23, 2010

23 01 2010

The above shot was taken Wednesday 06 01 2010 at the height of the UK's decent into arctic temperatures, some 17 days later as we are now in positive daily figures however, our snowman hasn't totally disappeared as you can see from today's flickr365 shot! You can just about make out the circumference of the original snowman outline in the frosty grass.

Today being a Saturday I was out and about and happened to bump into @timmillwood and also @kellymillwood and baby Joshua ( born 09 01 2010) - apparently Joshua is finding himself quite ambivalent to the difference between day and night - hence the bleary eyed look!

While out shopping I couldn't resist snapping this picture of the front cover of a this bargain book that I spotted in a local bookshop! Comment unnecessary I believe?


  1. I was sad to see the demise of your snowman. Soon he/she will be all gone!