Monday, January 4, 2010

04 01 2010

Brrrr.... it was cold today for the mass return to work following the Christmas break. When I left home at 7.15am the temperature displayed in the car was *-7.5 C above is the temperature when I got home at 4.54pm *-2.5C. I believe that the temperature only just made it up to *-1.0C all day. The lowest temperature in Wales last night was -12.5C at Sennybridge which is about 40 miles north of us. Below proof that along with many others I made it into work today, the feint signs of Christmas still remain.
Speaking to my boss currently at her house in Southern Mississippi this afternoon, they are having a cold snap with temperatures stubbornly refusing to rise above 70C....... I believe that Cardiff will come as a bit of a shock when she arrives on Sunday.Snow due overnight tonight look out for snow pictures tomorrow.

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